2. Deutor Cyber Security Best Practice Conference


5 December 2019, Saarbrücken Castle

4 December: “Social Engineering Workshop: Defending against human exploitation and removing attack verticals"

2. Best Practice Award

Existing and Emerging Information Technologies for Cyber Security


Industry 4.0 and IoT

Cloud Security

Artificial Intelligence


Network and Infrastructure Security

Incident and Crisis Management

Cyber Diplomacy and International Cyber Stability

Cyber Defence

Cyber Crime for Law Enforcement

Cyber Security in Small and Medium Enterprises

Cyber Security Best Practices

Industry 4.0 and IoT

Solutions and success stories to protect operational technologies production plants, factories and smart home environment.

Security in Cloud Computing  

New technologies and approaches to protect applications, data and services in cloud infrastructures

Artificial Intelligence

How can Algorithms help to detect and mitigate cyber risks in complex environments?

Blockchain and DLT

How can distributed ledger technologies (DLT) secure critical business environments?

Incident- and Crisis Mgmt.

Methods and mechanisms for effective incident handling and crisis management in major cyber-attacks.

Network and Infrastructure Security

Effective protection of modern network environments and systems.

Cyber Diplomacy and International Cyber Stability

How to improve global governance, international policy development, norms and policies to enhance international security in cyberspace.

Cyber Defence in and for Armed Forces

How the armed forces increase cyber resilience by defending national networks and operations as well as weapon systems against cyber threats.

Cyber Crime – Law Enforcement 

How law enforcement agencies and prosecutors handle the challenges in cyber and high-tech crime.

Cyber Security in Small- and Mid-Enterprises

Best Practices on how Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can increase their cyber security in the face of technological challenges and cyber risks.

Call for Papers:

“Cyber Security Best Practices”

will be open from March to  August 2019.

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Papers will be accepted in English and German language.


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